What are the must-have accessories of a Bowfishing boat?

Rather than using a fishing rod and wait for the fish to bite on the bail, shooting the big fish with an arrow is even more interesting and excited. This is why bowfishing is become more and more popular.

In order to get further out in the water, you will need the best bowfishing boat. Not only a boat, every bow fisher needs the right accessories to outfit their boat. Some accessories included with the bowfishing boat to make it more enjoyable, comfortable and convenient.

#1 Storage and cooler box

a good storage and cooler box are essential as you can use it to store drinks, fresh catch or anything else that you want. You are fishing, and it is especially necessary to have the cooler box that keep you fish fresh until you get back to land.

#2 Seats

If your boat is not equipped a seat, you should consider adding one to your boat. The seats is not only a place where you can rest, if you are adding extra seats, it is also means that you will have more room and be able to take a friend with you on your trips.

The seats are become very useful for older person, standing all the time will make the experience less enjoyable. Seating on a boat also give extra comfort when you want to rest.

#3 The boat cover

If you have to leave your boat outside, not in a garage or storage facility, you will need a boat cover. The boat cover will help you protect your boat from the elements factor of weather and environment. Bowfishing boat covers will protect the platform, seats, motor, and other components of the boat entirely.

You also can use a tarp to cover your boat if it is available in your home. However, we recommend you to purchase on a boat cover since it does not cost much and it make the boat look nice as well. You only need to ensure that its fits will fits your boat appropriately.

#4 Generator

A generator is especially necessary if you want to bowfish at night you use any other electrical items out on the water.

A generator also come in handle in case of emergency, too. However, you should consider the size of generator and blank space in your boat since it usually quite big and take much of space that make you feel crowded.

One more thing you have to consider when it comes to generator is the noise. The quieter the generator, the better. If you choose the noisy generator, they can be loud and the fish will flee from you.

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Best Crested Gecko Food: Pangea VS. Repashy

Crested geckos are an easy-going lizard species to keep as pets. They do not require any complicated, expensive and special care. And it is ever truer when it comes to crested gecko food.

The commercial food is considered as the best crested gecko food since it is the simplest and easiest way to provide complete nutrition to your pets. Besides, many owners also prefer to supplement crested gecko with plant-based foods and insects.

There are many different brands of crested gecko diet, this post is about three types of them that will help you get the right food for your pets: Pangea Fruit Mix with Insect VS. Repashy MRP Diet.

#1 Ingredients

The ingredient is the most important factor that you should consider at first. The food should be made of safe, rich nutrients and natural ingredients. It is also should contain the luscious tasty flavor, which attach crested gecko to eat.

Pangea mix includes insects, papaya, apricot and banana and other nutritious ingredients. It is formulated with insects is the main ingredients and all-natural fruits that are nutritious and delicious for crested gecko. Both babies and adults crested gecko will easily enjoy this flavor

The Pangea mix made from meat-based food and plant-based food, 100% natural and extremely fresh, that means it simulates crested gecko natural diet very well. It might quite expensive but also worth the money.

Repashy food flavor it made with freeze-dried banana as the main source of fruit, plus mangoes, figs, watermelon, hibiscus, and more. It is available in several different flavors. However, there are also some users who reviewed that their crested geckos do not like this flavor.

#2 Nutritional value

The nutritional value of Pangea includes 21% protein, 5.7% fat, 8% fiber. And Respashy nutrient levels are protein min 25%, fat min 7%, fiber max 8%. These analyses are necessary for the owners are aware of what they are feeding their pets.

Look into these nutritional values, you can keep your mind that both Pangea and Prsashy is safe to assume for your crested geckos since they are all not filled with fullers. You are recommended to feed the omnivorous reptiles with the diet of 20-25% protein,3-6% fat and 20-35% fiber.

It is not difficult to see that Pangea and Respashy offer the amount of protein and fat that crested gecko needed. However, to achieve this ratio, you also should provide your crested geckos more greens, fruits or vegetables.

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Things to consider before choosing the best pancake pan

If you have a good recipe and perfect ingredients, you just go halfway to make a delicious pancake.

If you have ever made the burnt and misshapen pancakes, you only need the right utensil to help you correct this mistake. With the best pans for pancakes, you can easily produce a thin, lacy and perfect pancake.

There are different types of pancake pan available in the market. They are providing the different purposes of making pancake, you need to determine what you need for a pan to select the right one for you.

Here’s some tip that we synthesize to help you to find the best pancake pan.

#1 Non-stick coating

When buying the pans to make pancakes, the most important thing you should consider is non-stick surface.

Pancake is quite thin, and non-stick surface will ensure that the batter mixture will not stick to the bottom of the pans.

Non-stick surface also makes the pans easy to clean and using less oil than other normal pans, that good for your health.

#2 Shape of the pan

Make sure that the pan you plan to buy has reasonable depth. If the pan is too shallow, the pancakes might be too thin and it is so hard for you to flip them.

Your pans also need a flat bottomed with short walls around and a long handle for easy using the pans.

There are many different sizes of pancake pan, but the idea size is usually a 25cm pan makes 20cm pancakes.

#3 Heat distribution

The pancake pans need to heat up quickly and evenly. That’s why cast aluminum is the best material for the base of the pancake.

Aluminum is good at promoted even distribution of heat than the other material.

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Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner: Siphon No Spill Vs Eheim Quick Vacpro

A vacuum cleaner is an essential product for every aquarium. Aquarium substrate cannot clean itself and the vacuum cleaner is the easiest way to remove all the fish wastes, excess food, dead plants, and debris built up in your aquarium.

There are two types of gravel vacuums Siphon vacuums and Electric vacuums. If you are looking for the best aquarium vacuum cleaner, I recommend that you should consider 2 products below: Python No Spill Clean and Fill VS. Eheim Quick Vacpro.

#1 Operation of Siphon and Electric vacuum

Python is the most popular type of gravel vacuum. Python No Spill Clean and Fill has a simple design include a hose and hollow tube. It uses the gravity siphons to suck up dirt and wastes from the bottom of the tank.

Eheim Quick Vacpro is the electric vacuum. It operates differently from the siphon, it does not take the water out of tour aquarium. It will pump the water into itself automatically, trapping any wastes included in the water.

Both Python No Spill Clean and Fill and Eheim Quick Vacpro deserves to be the best aquarium gravel, but they do have some differences.

#2 Assemble and use

The hose of Python No Spill Clean and Fill is 25-100 feet lengths. With these lengths it can stretch from the bottom of the tank to the sick, which means you can suck out the water and pipe water directly into your sink.

Due to that, you will not drain water into a bucket in the vacuuming process. You will not concern about spilling into the room when cleaning.

You do not have to assemble this model. However, it is not really easy to use at first-time use. You need to learn how to use it since the siphon needs to be primed so the water flows continuously.

Eheim Quick Vacpro does not require any complicated assemble. It is easy to use even for a newbie. It does not contain the hose but note that thus electric aquarium vacuum has limitations depth, you should not use is for the tank that deeper than 3 feet.

#3 Cost

It is obvious that the siphon is the cheapest way to vacuum aquarium. With $40 you can have a 25’ Python No Spill. Meanwhile, The Eheim Quick Vacpro is much more expensive than the siphon model.

Moreover, Eheim Quick Vacpro uses 4 AA batteries to run. If you used disposable batteries, the cost for it will increase soon. It is better to purchase rechargeable AA batteries.

#4 Efficiency

Python No Spill Clean and Fill has a large vacuum head, it is an ideal vacuum method for more than 55 gallons tank.

Due to its large vacuum head, the cleaning with this siphon is also much faster than other siphons. But it is also the problem if you have a small creature in the tour tank.

This vacuum cleaner not only vacuums and change the water, but it also adds water back in your tank by connecting the faucet adapter with the end of the hose.

Electric vacuum absolutely the fastest and easiest way to clean the tank. It can be a perfect product for people who prefer to clean the tank frequently.

Eheim Quick Vacpro sucks up the water from the bottom and filter it by the super-fine mesh and then add the water back to the tank. This offers powerful suction that much stronger than siphon vacuums. It is clean effectively even the debris that has lie in the crevices of the gravel.

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Best Reptile Incubator: Hova Bator VS. HappyBuy incubator

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned reptile breeder, the best reptile incubator is absolutely essential to ensure optimum control and proper condition for the developing eggs.

Each incubator has its own pros and cons, it is difficult to choose the incubator that provides proper heating and humidity levels. This article is about two of the most effective, flexible and successful incubators available: Hova Bator 1602N and HappyBuy ReptiPro.

#1 Design

HappyBuy ReptiPro is the upright incubator that looks the same as a tiny fridge with a glass door. It includes the double and movable shelves, which help it maximized the space. It also has the area to add water to the bottom of the box.

The internal dimensions of this incubator are 24x27x37 cm, which means it is quite large in space. Many users are satisfied because of their size and durable design.

Hova Bator is considered as the best small incubator in the world. Hova Bator not only efficient but also the economical method for safely incubate both reptiles and poultry eggs.

Unlike HappyBuy ReptiPro, Hova Bator is chest design, look like the Tupperware box with two glass on the top that allows you to observe your eggs inside. Do not contain double shaves as HappyBuy is one disadvantage since it seems to be limited space for eggs.

#2 Temperature control

The outstanding point of HappyBuy is that it includes a very accurate temperature controller since it is using the digital readout temperature control. It is the ability to maintain the temperature from 0oC to 40oC.

This temperature range is suitable for many different types of reptile eggs.

Hova Bator uses the ventilation system to heat up the air inside the incubator. The fresh air will be drawn through vents and warmed up. You should combine with the best reptile thermostat to get the most accurate temperature.

#3 Heating and cooling systems

There is not much incubator include a cooling and heating system in one equipment like HappyBuy. This allows the uses better at control inside temperature. It can be said that this is the all-rounder product that offers all the features that you need to hatch eggs.

The disadvantage of HovaBator is that it only offers the heating system, not contain the heating system.

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How To Use Leash For Bearded Dragons?

In the wild, bearded dragons are active animals. But in captivity, there are not many chances for them to do activities due to their limited space in the cage. They would like to go outdoors and explore environmental surroundings.

In order to prevent your bearded dragons from getting lost and handling them, you should purchase on a leash for bearded dragon. With the help of a leash, you can easily walk your bearded dragon.

Why do you need a leash for bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons can receive some benefits such as heat and vitamin D from sunlight as they get from the lighting system in the tank. Walking along the park will helps your bearded dragon in digesting food, improving the metabolism system and some other body functions.

However, it is quite dangerous for your bearded dragon and also causes the risk of getting your pets lost if you take them out without the leash.

Besides being the practical training tool for your bearded dragons and help you to control them, the best bearded dragon leash also can be the accessory for your pets, which makes them more adorable.

How to put leash on a bearded dragon?

If you are have never use a leash on your pets before, so be gentle when you put the leash on their body.

Placing carefully their front legs through the holes of the leash first, then pulling it slowly over their head. Pressing the toggle or adjuster that place at the back of the leash and adjusting the leash fit with heir body.

Do not lose your patience when doing this since your bearded dragons may twist their legs and interfered with you.

But they will soon adapt to the leash. You can give them some treats to divert their attention when putting them on a leash.

Never let your guard down when walking them in the stress or park even if you have the leash. You should keep your eyes watching your bearded dragon.

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Buying Guide: Best Turret Press

Gun owners want to find a way to reload their ammunition quickly. A clip can contain many rounds of ammunition to be fired. But the clip has to be loaded and that can be time consuming for people. The best turret press can solve all of that for gun fanatics. They can use the best turret press to quickly reload their clip for future use. Invest in the best turret press and find out what it can do for people. Other users have be impressed so far with the best turret press. There are some models that deserve a second look from buyers. People are eager to learn the details about the best turret press on the market.

The Lee Precision Classic is a model that people turn to for quality. The best turret press is helpful for gun collectors with many different clips. Check the stats of the Lee Precision Classic to learn more about it. The manufacturers have worked to make the best turret press available to people. That aids in the development of the best turret press for everyday use. The market is making good use out of the product. Gun shops will often have the best turret press on site. Read the reviews written by other people on the item. They can vouch for the best turret press like the Lee Precision Classic.

Check out the price tag for these products before buying them. That could sway opinions and keep some people interested in it. The best turret press is priced to sell on the market today. These prices reflect the real market value of the item. The cost to the buyer is going to be helpful to people. The best turret press is a big selling point. The price tag is well worth a look.

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Root Snorkels: What they are

It’s interesting how plants can adjust after some time to the most troublesome and strange of conditions. Pneumatophores are plants that deliver surface roots fit for processing and absorbing oxygen. Without these particular roots, these plants couldn’t get by in the spots they grow: regions where the soil is always soaked with water, for example, mangroves or swamps.

Past nature, there are likewise man-made root snorkels. They are vertical tubes, generally made of plastic, that are actualized in the expectation of including oxygen into soil that experiences an excess of water or dampness and poor seepage, and thus anaerobic conditions. These tubes are normally punctured to help the oxygen move into the root zone.

In the event that there is a need to add root oxygen for plants growing in an excessively clammy or compacted and inadequately drained soil, there are different alternatives (for instance, raised bedsand berms—which are basically the same with the exception of one that has border and alternate has gradual slopes—guarantee drainage by making a soil level higher than the surrounding earth). Passive aeration tubes, in any case, have zero to offer for aeration purposes.

Be that as it may, this is not the end of the story for passive root snorkels. There is another explanation for utilizing these punctured tubes, and it’s essentially the opposite of what they are intended to do. Rather than displacing water, passive root snorkels can quicken the entrance of water deep into the soil instead of the surface application alone.

Today, an ever-increasing number of landscapes are being irrigated with drip systems. Residential drip systems generally have up to six distinctive watering zones o stations, while commercial frameworks usually have more. Every one of the plants inside a zone will have water applied for a similar timeframe.

Obviously, it is best to put different plant kinds on various zones or stations, but this is not as easy as it sounds. The cost to keep adding more zones and consequently more PVC irrigation tubing to isolate the water cycle from one plant compose from the other is costly and tedious.

A lot of homeowners are searching for some simple route around this issue, and this sort of circumstance that deepwatering tubes—the same punctured plastic tubes utilized as root snorkels—can be so viable.

A few of these tubes, ordinarily set 12-18 inches deep around three feet from the tree trunk, will create deeper roots in that area. Simply run irrigation into them or, if installed appropriately, hand-water straight into the tube.

These tubes additionally work in desert atmospheres where rainfall isn’t satisfactory, and in areas where the soil has too much clay and water penetration takes forever. In topographical regions it rains a lot, it is uncommon that deep watering tubes will be vital. Here, the slow percolation of rainfall travels deeply and builds up those deep roots that are so imperative to trees and large shrubs.

Because man-made root snorkels are pointless as soil aerators doesn’t mean the innovation is futile. These vertical punctured PVC pipes give quick deep watering all through the soil structure.

Watering in any event marginally more deep than the current roots or if nothing else to the depth of the grow pot is the procedure for achieving root volume in all grow media set ups. Inside or outside, profound watering is the best approach.

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DIY DWC System: A Quick Guide for Beginners

DWC, also known as Deep Water Culture, is one of the best methods of growing weed. This is a hydroponic system that is often overlooked by many people despite the fact that it can be beneficial in more ways than one. Instead of using soil as a growing medium, with dwc kit and full spectrum led grow lights, it uses aerated nutrient water, which can speed up the growth of the plants.

Hmm, you may like this first: Drip Irrigation System – Top 7 best drip irrigation for Cannabis.

The Benefits of DWC

Before we discuss the specifics of building a DIY DWC system, let us have a quick look at some of the most compelling reasons for you to choose for a marijuana growing method.

Fast Vegetative Growth

If you are one of those growers who cannot pack a lot of patience, this is a great choice for growing cannabis as it speeds up the vegetative growth. This is because of its improved access to oxygen and nutrients. The plants will waste less energy while being provided with the essentials that they will need for a healthier growth.

Bigger Yields

Because of the nutrients that are supplied to the plant, you can also expect that the yield will be larger with a DWC system.

Reduced Risk of Pests

There is a minimal risk that your plants will end up being pestered by pesky pets, including bugs.

Low Maintenance

With a DWC system, there is no need to exert too much effort on your end. After the initial set-up, daily maintenance is kept at a minimum.

How to Set Up your DIY DWC System

It can sound a bit intimidating for some, especially for beginners, but there is no need to be worried with top fed dwc. As long as you know how to do it right, you can expect exceptional outcomes.

Prepare the Reservoir

The reservoir is perhaps the most important part of the DWC setup. The size of the reservoir will depend on the expected size of the plant that you will grow. You can plant two or more plants in one reservoir, although we will suggest that you limit the reservoir to one plant. One of the most important things for the reservoir is to have a cover on the top. This is also where the pot will be suspended, which makes it important for the cover to be durable. The reservoir must be able to handle the size and weight of the pot.

Prepare the Pots

Now that you have the reservoir, which is essentially a large bucket with a cover on the top, it is now time to get the pots ready. This is where the marijuana will be planted. The size should be proportionate to the size of the reservoir that you have. You should specifically look for net pots that are created for a hydroponic system. If net pots are unavailable from where you are, you can even make your own pots. A 200ml plastic container will do the job. You can use a soldering iron to create holes in the container. Once the pot is ready, fill it with your choice of medium, which can include perlite, lava rocks, and clay pellets, among others. Ideally, the medium should have a low water retention.

Prepare the Additives

For the DIY DWC system to be effective, one of the most important is the pH level. Often, it is the culprit why the plant does not grow as expected. The ideal pH level is 5.8. On average, you can keep it between 5.2 and 6.2. Regular measurement of the pH and having it adjusted accordingly will be necessary. Consider adding other additives that will adjust not only pH but will also provide the nutrients that will be needed by the cannabis.

Install the Pump

Another concern when setting up a DIY DWC system is the aeration of the reservoir. The oxygen that is present in the reservoir will assume a critical role in the growth of the plant’s roots, making aeration important. With this, it is necessary to set up an air pump. In the absence of an air pump, the marijuana will most likely end up dying. Make sure to choose a high-quality pump that is capable of providing the needs of your plants.

Choosing a Marijuana Strain

Now that everything is almost ready for the DWC system, you have to pick the strain of the marijuana to plant. Experts will agree that you can plant almost any strain. They will grow in a hydroponic system. However, there are some strains that require more attention than the others. As a beginner, it will be best to pick a strain that requires minimal care and maintenance for a higher chance of succeeding. Choose strains that are known for being more robust so that they won’t be easily affected by the changes in nutrient or pH levels. With a DIY DWC system, you can enjoy bigger yields, minimal maintenance, and faster vegetative growth, among other benefits. Take note of the things that have been mentioned above to successfully grow your cannabis using this method.

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How To Choose The Best Aquarium For Beginners At Aquarium Stores Near Me?

There are a lot of things to learn and a lot of questions to ask when you get a start on a new hobby. And the first thing you should know if you making the decision to keep fish is how to choose the best fish tank.

Choosing the wrong aquarium can bring you bad experience and kill your fish. These instructions below will help you buy the best fish tank at any aquarium stores near me.

#1 Size of aquarium

Aquariums are range in size from 1 gallon to hundreds of gallons. For a new owner, we recommend you to buy an aquarium at least 5 gallons in size, but the bigger tank is always better.

There is a lot of waste that your fish will produce, excess food, ammoniac, pH level, nitrite in your tank. A larger tank will contain more water, so these parameters will more stable and fluctuate less in a larger amount of water.

But a large tank will take you a lot of space to placed and get you more difficult when clean and change the water. You can also find aquarium supplies near me and ask them for cleaning aquarium service.

#2 Shape

If you purchase your tank through an aquarium supply near me, you should know that many different shapes are available. Most types of aquariums are bought at these aquarium supply store near me are rectangle, round, cylindrical, hexagonal.

We recommend that you should choose the one that provides a larger area of surface, it allows you to add more oxygen in the tank. Meanwhile, the higher one will catch your eyes but make the cleaning task more difficult.

 #3 Glass or Acrylic

The materials that you can easily find on aquarium supply stores near me are glass and acrylic. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The acrylic tank is lightweight and has many types and shapes. While the glass tank is more durable and harder to scratch.

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