What food can crested geckos eat?

If you are a new owner of crested geckos and do not have much experience in balancing the diet of crested gecko, we recommend you to feed them meal replacement powder. With this commercial diet, you do not really need to add any food for them because this commercial has enough nutritional value that your crested geckos needed.

But if you know how to balance their diet, what is good and not good for your crested gecko, so add some fruit and insects in your crested gecko’s diet is not a bad ideal.

Can crested geckos eat apples? Crested geckos can eat apples but we recommend you to give apples for them only as a treat, not regularly. Apple cannot be the main food in meals for crested geckos.

Although, apples have an acceptable ratio of calcium and phosphorus but they have low oxalic acid levels. They do not provide the necessary nutrient for your crested geckos. Apples should be fed with the other more suitable fruit in a fruit mixture.

Can crested geckos eat dubia roaches? Yes they can. Crested geckos absolutely love eating dubia roaches. In comparison with other insects like crickets, super worms, and mealworms, dubia roaches provide more nutrient value. This does not mean that dubia roaches can be the main diet for your pet; you should not use them as a diet staple. But you should offer them as treats a few times a week because your geckos love them.

They bring many benefits of protein and general nutrition. Dubia roaches have the soft exoskeleton, which makes them an ideal food for smaller lizards. You should pay attention to their size, choosing dubia roaches that have a smaller size than the gecko’s head to ensure your geckos always safe when eating.

Can crested geckos eat mealworms? You can feed live insects like mealworms for your crested gecko once a week. Before at least 12 hours of feeding, mealworms should be coved a nutritious powdered, this process name gut loading. It is very important for the health of your crested geckos. This is the way to provide important vitamins and calcium to your geckos.

Mealworms you feed your pet must never be larger than the distance between the crested gecko’s eyes.

Can crested geckos eat strawberries? Strawberries have not bad calcium to phosphorus ratio and also are not citric fruits. So it is really fine to feed strawberries to your crested gecko even you offer them standalone or mix with other suitable fruits.

Best Place to Buy Weed Seeds

Weed seed banks provide great quality seeds with high germinating ratio and have guaranteed product delivery to their clients.Below are some of the best places to buy weed seeds.

#1 Attitude Seed Bank

This company is the best place to buy weed seeds. It offers over 2000 strains of marijuana. They allow you to decide on the different types and brands you like. They give an assurance for delivery.

#2 Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank

They offer high quality marijuana seeds. Their collection includes Rmegular, sativa, Feminized, Auto flowering and Indica. The cannabis seeds have a high germinating ratio.

#3 Nirvana Seed Bank

Professionals in Nirvana seed bank have been perfecting, developing and breeding all kinds of marijuana strains. Wonder woman, Jock Horror, Bubblelicious and AK48 are the various strains offered.

#4 Bomb Marijuana Seed Bank

This is one of the best place to buy weed seeds. They have tracking facilities for their parcels hence have a guaranteed international delivery.

#5 Crop King Seeds Bank

It is one of the best companies and sells high quality marijuana seeds. You can order from hybrid, or Indica strains which have over 80 percent germination ratio.

#6 Seedsman Seed Bank

Seedsman Company is renowned for offering quality marijuana seeds. They have over 3000 different strains of marijuana seeds in their collection.

#7 Seed Supreme Seed Bank

It provides great quality cannabis seeds of different strains to the whole world. They have a collection of over 4000 different strains of seeds.

#8 Marijuana Seed Limited

This is one of the trusted online company that ships marijuana seeds to the USA. The marijuana seeds made by experts have a germinating ratio of over 90 percent.

Clients are assured of great services and products from these trusted seed banks.They can have a selection from the various strains of marijuana seeds according to their specifications.

How to choose the best aquarium for beginners at aquarium stores near me?

There are a lot of things to learn and a lot of questions to ask when you get a start on a new hobby. And the first thing you should know if you making the decision to keep fish is how to choose the best fish tank.

Choosing the wrong aquarium can bring you bad experience and kill your fish. These instructions below will help you buy the best fish tank at any aquarium stores near me.

#1 Size of aquarium

Aquariums are range in size from 1 gallon to hundreds of gallons. For a new owner, we recommend you to buy an aquarium at least 5 gallons in size, but the bigger tank is always better.

There is a lot of waste that your fish will produce, excess food, ammoniac, pH level, nitrite in your tank. A larger tank will contain more water, so these parameters will more stable and fluctuate less in a larger amount of water.

But a large tank will take you a lot of space to placed and get you more difficult when clean and change the water. You can also find aquarium supplies near me and ask them for cleaning aquarium service.

#2 Shape

If you purchase your tank through an aquarium supply near me, you should know that many different shapes are available. Most types of aquariums are bought at these aquarium supply store near me are rectangle, round, cylindrical, hexagonal.

We recommend that you should choose the one that provides a larger area of surface, it allows you to add more oxygen in the tank. Meanwhile, the higher one will catch your eyes but make the cleaning task more difficult.

 #3 Glass or Acrylic

The materials that you can easily find on aquarium supply stores near me are glass and acrylic. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The acrylic tank is lightweight and has many types and shapes. While the glass tank is more durable and harder to scratch.

What are the most common types of aquarium tank filters?

The aquarium is a miniature simulation of a natural body of water consisting of creatures like fish, snails, crabs, and so on. However, this is a closed environment and it is easy to be contaminated and dirty if not circulated and cleaned.

The tank cannot clean itself as it does in the natural environment because the natural water flow is frequent, so the pollution and dirt will be washed away.

With an artificial environment, aquarium tank filters will do that, cleaning and returning the clean environment to the aquarium.

Before buying an aquarium tank filter you need to know about its common types to be able to differentiate and choose the one that best fits your tank.

The most common types of aquarium tank filters are:

#1 Hang on back filter

The hang on back filter or hanging waterfall filter is a type of filter that helps clean the aquarium water according to the waterfall model.

It is most commonly used because it comes with standard mechanical, chemical and biological filtration systems. It also has a nice design, is easy to use and installs into an aquarium.

The filter is hung directly on the wall of the back or side of the aquarium and draws water from the tank through a siphon.

#2 Sponge filter

Sucking is a fairly simple filter, used to suck the dirt floating in the water to help clear water.

The simple, lightweight design is placed directly into the aquarium and has an air tube out of aeration machine (effervescent oxygen machine) vented to the outside.

They are made primarily for use as a breeding tank, a healing tank for fish, or a tank for small fish and invertebrates.

Because it is a cheap filter, if your finances are limited, you can use it for all tanks from mini fish tanks, small shrimp tanks to large aquariums.

#3 Canister filter

The canister filter is a type of filter in the form of closed tanks placed outside the tank, helping to filter out water and toxins in the tank.

Canister filters create a good flow for the tank and can remove dust and dirt from the bottom of the tank.

This is the most preferred type of filter used by aquarists, especially for aquariums of 20 gallons or more. Suitable for all purposes from the freshwater aquarium to the marine aquarium.

Things to consider before choosing the best pancake pan

If you have a good recipe and perfect ingredients, you just go halfway to make a delicious pancake.

If you have ever made the burnt and misshapen pancakes, you only need the right utensil to help you correct this mistake. With the best pans for pancakes, you can easily produce a thin, lacy and perfect pancake.

There are different types of pancake pan available in the market. They are providing the different purposes of making pancake, you need to determine what you need for a pan to select the right one for you.

Here’s some tips that we synthesize to help you to find the best pancake pan:

#1 Non-stick coating

When buying the pans to make pancakes, the most important thing you should consider is non-stick surface.

Pancake is quite thin, and non-stick surface will ensure that the batter mixture will not stick to the bottom of the pans.

Non-stick surface also makes the pans easy to clean and using less oil than other normal pans, that good for your health.

#2 Shape of the pan

Make sure that the pan you plan to buy has reasonable depth. If the pan is too shallow, the pancakes might be too thin and it is so hard for you to flip them.

Your pans also need a flat bottomed with short walls around and a long handle for easy using the pans.

There are many different sizes of pancake pan, but the idea size is usually a 25cm pan makes 20cm pancakes.

#3 Heat distribution

The pancake pans need to heat up quickly and evenly. That’s why cast aluminum is the best material for the base of the pancake.

Aluminum is good at promoted even distribution of heat than the other material.