How To Use Leash For Bearded Dragons?

In the wild, bearded dragons are active animals. But in captivity, there are not many chances for them to do activities due to their limited space in the cage. They would like to go outdoors and explore environmental surroundings.

In order to prevent your bearded dragons from getting lost and handling them, you should purchase on a leash for bearded dragon. With the help of a leash, you can easily walk your bearded dragon.

Why do you need a leash for bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons can receive some benefits such as heat and vitamin D from sunlight as they get from the lighting system in the tank. Walking along the park will helps your bearded dragon in digesting food, improving the metabolism system and some other body functions.

However, it is quite dangerous for your bearded dragon and also causes the risk of getting your pets lost if you take them out without the leash.

Besides being the practical training tool for your bearded dragons and help you to control them, the best bearded dragon leash also can be the accessory for your pets, which makes them more adorable.

How to put leash on a bearded dragon?

If you are have never use a leash on your pets before, so be gentle when you put the leash on their body.

Placing carefully their front legs through the holes of the leash first, then pulling it slowly over their head. Pressing the toggle or adjuster that place at the back of the leash and adjusting the leash fit with heir body.

Do not lose your patience when doing this since your bearded dragons may twist their legs and interfered with you.

But they will soon adapt to the leash. You can give them some treats to divert their attention when putting them on a leash.

Never let your guard down when walking them in the stress or park even if you have the leash. You should keep your eyes watching your bearded dragon.