Things to consider before choosing the best pancake pan

If you have a good recipe and perfect ingredients, you just go halfway to make a delicious pancake.

If you have ever made the burnt and misshapen pancakes, you only need the right utensil to help you correct this mistake. With the best pans for pancakes, you can easily produce a thin, lacy and perfect pancake.

There are different types of pancake pan available in the market. They are providing the different purposes of making pancake, you need to determine what you need for a pan to select the right one for you.

Here’s some tip that we synthesize to help you to find the best pancake pan.

#1 Non-stick coating

When buying the pans to make pancakes, the most important thing you should consider is non-stick surface.

Pancake is quite thin, and non-stick surface will ensure that the batter mixture will not stick to the bottom of the pans.

Non-stick surface also makes the pans easy to clean and using less oil than other normal pans, that good for your health.

#2 Shape of the pan

Make sure that the pan you plan to buy has reasonable depth. If the pan is too shallow, the pancakes might be too thin and it is so hard for you to flip them.

Your pans also need a flat bottomed with short walls around and a long handle for easy using the pans.

There are many different sizes of pancake pan, but the idea size is usually a 25cm pan makes 20cm pancakes.

#3 Heat distribution

The pancake pans need to heat up quickly and evenly. That’s why cast aluminum is the best material for the base of the pancake.

Aluminum is good at promoted even distribution of heat than the other material.