What are the most common types of aquarium tank filters?

The aquarium is a miniature simulation of a natural body of water consisting of creatures like fish, snails, crabs, and so on. However, this is a closed environment and it is easy to be contaminated and dirty if not circulated and cleaned.

The tank cannot clean itself as it does in the natural environment because the natural water flow is frequent, so the pollution and dirt will be washed away.

With an artificial environment, aquarium tank filters will do that, cleaning and returning the clean environment to the aquarium.

Before buying an aquarium tank filter you need to know about its common types to be able to differentiate and choose the one that best fits your tank.

The most common types of aquarium tank filters are:

#1 Hang on back filter

The hang on back filter or hanging waterfall filter is a type of filter that helps clean the aquarium water according to the waterfall model.

It is most commonly used because it comes with standard mechanical, chemical and biological filtration systems. It also has a nice design, is easy to use and installs into an aquarium.

The filter is hung directly on the wall of the back or side of the aquarium and draws water from the tank through a siphon.

#2 Sponge filter

Sucking is a fairly simple filter, used to suck the dirt floating in the water to help clear water.

The simple, lightweight design is placed directly into the aquarium and has an air tube out of aeration machine (effervescent oxygen machine) vented to the outside.

They are made primarily for use as a breeding tank, a healing tank for fish, or a tank for small fish and invertebrates.

Because it is a cheap filter, if your finances are limited, you can use it for all tanks from mini fish tanks, small shrimp tanks to large aquariums.

#3 Canister filter

The canister filter is a type of filter in the form of closed tanks placed outside the tank, helping to filter out water and toxins in the tank.

Canister filters create a good flow for the tank and can remove dust and dirt from the bottom of the tank.

This is the most preferred type of filter used by aquarists, especially for aquariums of 20 gallons or more. Suitable for all purposes from the freshwater aquarium to the marine aquarium.