A hen does not need a rooster to lay eggs

Keeping chickens for eggs and as pets are prominent in both country and in urban zones. Shockingly, chickens make extraordinary pets – they are trainable, personable and even entertaining. Surprisingly better, they lay eggs frequently.

If you’re thinking about keeping chickens, here are a few tips identified with the egg-laying science of geese and chickens. There has been this question constantly asked if hens can lay eggs without a rooster around. This article highlights how often they will lay eggs as well as other fascinating facts about eggs.

Does a Hen Need a Rooster to Lay Eggs?

This is one question that has been asked a million times. Well, a lot of people are quite surprised to learn the answer so here it goes; a hen will lay eggs with or without a rooster.

What Happens When a Rooster Is Present?

The egg-laying timetable of the hen does not change even with the presence of a rooster.

If the rooster does blend with the hens, there is a high probability that the eggs will get fertilized. This could result in chicks if the eggs are permitted to brood (either in the home under the hen or in an egg hatchery).

At What Age Does a Hen Start to Lay Eggs?

The age they start laying eggs varies with the time of year (sooner for spring chicks, later for winter chicks), the breed of the chicken, and sometimes, it just depends on the bird. Be that as it may, most chickens start to lay eggs from about 6 months of age.

How Often Do Hens Lay Eggs?

This is another “fluctuates with the individual breed and bird” reply. A few chickens lay an egg every day while others lay eggs 1 in 1/2 to 2 days. Pullets or younger hens as they are called usually lay smaller eggs at intervals until they achieve maturity.

How Long Do Hens Lay Eggs For?

The average peak time of laying eggs is 4 years for backyard/pet chickens. Once more, this can vary between individual breeds and birds. When it comes to hens, there is no definite end as to how many eggs they lay. The intervals just become fewer as they mature.

Do All Hens Sit on Nests?

No. Hens that do sit on nests are classified “broody” hens and might be difficult to stir from the nests. Banties (little breed chickens) are more likely to go broody. Just as i is with certain other egg-laying qualities, certain breeds are bound to go broody.

How Long Until the Eggs Hatch?


Normally, a hen would holds up until a clutch of eggs is laid, then it sits on them and the incubation process begins. It sits on the eggs until they are all hatched.

To what extent Until the Eggs Hatch?

It takes about 21 days after the hen starts incubating for the fertilized eggs to hatch.

You have to be cautious when it comes to broody hens as they may continue laying eggs into a giant nest that they normally cannot hatch. A few hens will sit for periods any longer than 21 days.

This isn’t right because of these reasons:

  • The eggs will go bad (rot!).
  • The hen may disregard her own wellbeing – not leaving the nest to get food and water and is at risk of been attacked by parasites (mites) due to inactivity.