Winter Blues (literally and figuratively)

December 7, 2016 0 Comments

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Unfortunately winter is here…

I try not to let the weather affect the way I dress, but recently all I’ve been wanting to put on is an oversized sweater! Instead of pulling a total Hagrid and wearing this sweater with my Ugg’s and Sweatpants, I paired it with some denim accessories and these gray heeled booties! Even though its cold doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy. Wearing a heeled bootie with an oversized sweater is the perfect casual look to get you through the cold winter months!

Also…I am loving these grey booties lately!! They’re a nice change from my classic black booties and look great with blue denim. EVERYONE should have a black bootie in their closet as a staple, but its always nice to have another color to switch it up! I bought these booties awhile ago from Jeffery Campbell, but here are some of my favorite grey heeled booties of the season!!!


Get these baddies (perfect for the holiday’s) from Free People here!


These Stuart Weitzmans are now on sale on Farfetch! Get them here!